Field Visits

Field visits are used to gather information from stakeholders and give life to the data collected for the final evaluation. For example, the final survey found that the percentage of children born in clinics or hospitals (institutional deliveries), one of the objectives of the project, more than doubled in the 5 years since the baseline [...]

MDG 5: Improve Maternal Health

The 5th Millennium Development Goal (MDG5) is to reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio and to achieve universal access to reproductive health. Approximately 358,000 women die during pregnancy and childbirth each year and millions more experience severe adverse consequences and illness. While the world is making encouraging progress in reducing deaths due to [...]

En route to Bangladesh

Doha International Airport, Doha, Qatar Let’s go back to the disparity between Bangladesh and the U.S. One of the primary causes of this difference in maternal mortality is the lack of access to professional care. Only 20% of all births in Bangladesh are assisted by skilled professionals and only 16% of births take place in [...]