Operations Research (OR): What is it? How is it incorporated into projects?

With Operations Research (OR) becoming in integral part of child survival projects, I attended a pre-CORE meeting workshop designed to explore this topic. OR was described as a subset of implementation research that studies the processes of an intervention to define HOW and WHY the intervention works. It leads to a detailed description of key [...]

“Programs must be designed with the exit in mind”

Sustainability was a key thread at the Spring CORE Group meeting. Multiple presentations of post-project sustainability studies highlighted the importance of working to insure the lasting impact of program interventions. These studies also examined program characteristics that contribute to sustainable outcomes. Of particular note, Beatrice Rogers from Tufts University presented a model of key sustainability [...]

Capacity Strengthening for Global Health

The theme of the April 22-26, 2013 CORE Group Community Health Network Spring Meeting in Baltimore was: Capacity Strengthening for Global Health: Partnerships, Accountability, Integration and Learning. Promoting participatory and inclusive country ownership is a key principal of development assistance that was examined from a variety of perspectives. In a series of blogs, I will [...]

Incorporating Equity into Health Programs

The focus of the 2011 Spring CORE Group meeting was ‘Equity in Health: Ensuring Access, Increasing Use.’ The topic was approached from conceptual, programmatic, technical, and legal perspectives. One session, led by Jennifer Luna, discussed a guidance document developed collaboratively by USAID, MCHIP, the CORE Group and other technical experts entitled Considerations for incorporating health [...]

Pathways to Sustainability

Sustainability, the continuation of long-lasting (post intervention) improvements in the health of vulnerable people and communities, is a focal concern of the CORE Group discussed at their spring meeting. Eric Sarriot, from ICF Macro’s Center for Design and Research in Sustainability (CEDARS), spoke of work being done, building on prior experience and learning related to [...]

Equity in Health

Last week I spent 4 rewarding days in Baltimore at the CORE Group spring meeting. CORE is a collective of 50+ member organizations and partners committed to improving maternal child health throughout the world. The mission of CORE is “to generate collaborative action and learning to improve and expand community-focused public health practices for underserved [...]