Recruiting and interviewing respondents

Village of Mou, Dugrapur, Bangladesh Our first two days have been very productive, but not always in the way we expect. On the first day, we set out to find a woman from the village of Mou who delivered in a health facility. The only contact information we had was the name of the village, [...]

Preparing for the interviews

Dugrapur, Bangladesh We arrived at our guesthouse in the town of Birisiri yesterday afternoon. Birisiri is in the sub-district of Dugrapur, which is the geographical focus of our study. It is never easy to drive up to Dugrapur because the heavy rains create severe potholes in the road (or what is left of the road). [...]

En route to Bangladesh

Doha International Airport, Doha, Qatar Let’s go back to the disparity between Bangladesh and the U.S. One of the primary causes of this difference in maternal mortality is the lack of access to professional care. Only 20% of all births in Bangladesh are assisted by skilled professionals and only 16% of births take place in [...]

Departure from U.S.

Detroit Metro Airport, Detroit, MI, USA As I get ready to leave, I am reminded of the danger women face during childbirth in many parts of Bangladesh. For every 100,000 live births, an estimated 338 women die during pregnancy, childbirth, or 42 days after delivery. Compare that to 17 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births [...]