Final Evaluation Findings and Dissemination

The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the extent to which the Healthy Child and Mother Project that was implemented by the grantee organization and its local Bangladesh partners from 2009-2014 accomplished the intended results and to describe key factors that contributed to what worked or what did not work. The project used a [...]

Bangladesh: The Context and People’s Institutions

Before I get into the details of the project that I am evaluating, a few details about the country. Bangladesh, part of what is called “South Asia” or the Indian Subcontinent, is the 12th most densely populated nation in the world; approximately 2½ times more densely populated than India. On the list of nations from [...]

Project Final Evaluation in Bangladesh

I am embarking on a trip to Bangladesh to evaluate a Maternal Newborn Child Health project performed in a rural district of Bangladesh. This is a 5-year innovation project funded by the USAID Child Survival and Health Grants Program. The goal of the project is to reduce mortality and improve health status among the most [...]