The First Dissemination in Sahibganj

Once we had digested our qualitative data from the field interviews, I was ready to prepare the final disseminations to government officials in Sahibganj and then to stakeholders in New Delhi, including EFICOR and USAID. For better or worse, PowerPoint is the medium that I used to organize the information—words, pictures, charts… Working with other members of the evaluation team, I included an introduction to the project, a review of the methodology, summary of the KPC, field visits and findings, and ended with conclusions and recommendations.

The Beginning for the Dissemination

After practicing the presentations in the morning (the program manager and each of the block coordinators joined me in presenting a portion of the presentation), we went to the government office building in Sahibganj to give the dissemination. The key directors of health departments in the district were in attendance as were representatives from NGOs working in the region.

Health Ministers at the Dissemination

The dissemination provoked several long speeches by the ministers. The fact that there was significant improvement in nearly all of the indicators evoked congratulations and a celebration of the partnership between the Parivartan project and the government of Sahibganj.

The Happy Lead Evaluator

The Sahibganj ministers were especially interested in the improvements in acute respiratory infection indicators and spoke about the use of home-based strategies in order to save under 5 lives. Finishing with the output of the Lives Saved Analysis showing that during the 5 years of the project 3,278 under 5 lives were saved raised eyebrows and this was highlighted in many people’s comments.

Block Directors and Cluster Supervisors at the Dissemination

Grace Kreulen

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