The On-Site Portion of the Process Begins in Sahibganj

In the offices of EFICOR, in Sahibganj, the on-site project manager, directors and coordinators met to develop the process of gathering information that would support and amplify the data in the final KPC report. In the first day and a half I started with what I called workshops. Because there had been baseline and mid-term reports, many of the people were familiar with the general objectives of gathering qualitative information from the field. Nonetheless, we would spend the first half-day reviewing the objectives of the final evaluation and report. The second workshop was devoted to a final review of the data, determining stakeholder groups and developing field questions.

Street Scene in Sahibganj

My first step was to spend some time getting acquainted and re-acquainted with each other. The most popular personal item from my past was a wedding picture of my husband and me. Once the laughter died down, members of the team shared what working in the project has meant to them. Then we began our work.
One of the objectives of the final evaluation is for the staff to relate activities that had the greatest impact on outcomes. This was actually made more difficult by the fact that nearly all of the indicators had significant improvement compared to the baseline study that was performed 5 years ago before the project began. I had to work hard to get the staff to tease out the “gems” from all the interventions that they were involved in over 5 years. By using a combination of approaches including my role-playing an interviewer, we finally developed a set of questions that would be first translated into Hindi and then used to interview stakeholders in the field.

Role Playing an Interview

Grace Kreulen

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